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Renfrew Solar Garden

On January 1st, 2019 Alberta released the Small Scale Generation Regulation. This new regulation enables a magical thing: COMMUNITY SOLAR. Community Solar is a system where one or more people can own part of a solar array and benefit from it's energy generation. 

With the regulation came a government program that supplied grants to help with "pre-installation" project costs. Renfrew Community Association applied and won a grant in the presense of high competition. This funding will be used for various feasibility studies to help smooth the way for execution of the array installation.

More details about the project will continue to be posted here...

Project benefits

sooooo many....

More efficent power

distribution connected

Green investing

substainable investment options

Control your energy

choice to impact your source

Involve yourself in solar

Cause you have no option to install it yourself

Free to move

No ties to your location

As featured in...

Some of our media coverage so far

Tech Specs

For all the nerds ;)


Mega watts


Homes powered


Hockey rink in size




Investment $$ for members


Solar modules (panels)

The first event - DONE!

Open house #1

To ensure the community has good access to see how the project is going, the Renfrew Community Association will be hosting 3 open houses. 
The events will be informal. People will be able to speak with all the volunteers and professionals working on the project.  

June 26th, 5-9PM @ 811 Radford Rd NE, Calgary, AB T2E 0R7

The second event

Open house #2

Looking into it... likely mid October

Resources about Solar in Alberta

for your information

Community Generation Capacity Building Program

Energy Efficency Alberta

The guide to the program that the grant started from. An application was sent under this program but chosen for a more applicable program with MCCAC. 

Alberta Community Solar Guide

Pembina institute 

A little light reading before bed time to help you understand how community solar generation works in Alberta 

Parking Lot Solar Case Study

Simons Edmonton

636KW array installed recently at the Londonderry store with L2 and L3 Electric vehicle charging. 

Community Generation Capacity Building Program

Municipal Climate Change Action Centre

All the requirements were met for this program and Renfrew was one of the select few that were award receipients. Click the image above to see all successful applicants. 

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